pribacy policy

By Shinsei Corporation
(Privacy policy)

Shinsei Corporation
Representative director
Shunichi Takano

1 A basic policy
Shinsei Corporation (hereafter called as "the company")is not only confined to an article design corresponding to the change of the times and the offer of the articles, but also the company feels it as the management philosophy to contribute to help for living of people and comfortable living environment thru coping with maintenance, service and continuous support.

The company severely recognizes that it is an essential important matter to protect personal information justly and adequately for management philosophy realization and to achieve social responsibility. All employees of the company will observe laws and regulation about the personal information and cope with the protection of the personal information.

2 About the acquisition of the personal information
The company, in the collection for personal information, will acquire it by legality and fair means with a clear announcement for the purpose as much as possible in the range that is necessary for an offer of our articles and services.

3 About the use and offer of the personal information
The personal information that the company acquired will be used and offered within the use purpose of the personal information , but there is some cases that the company will offer it outside in a necessary range at following cases.
(a) When there is an agreement of the subject information (the person in question)before hand.
(b) When disclosure is needed based on laws and ordinances.
(c) When the company entrusts the personal information thin the fair use purpose to outsourcing contractor who is obliged to appropriate management of the personal information.

4 About the management of the personal information
The company will manage the personal information severely and will take necessary measure for risks of unjust access, loss of the personal information, leak and slander.

5 About the observance of the law example for the personal information
The company will observe personal information laws and ordinance concerned and will try for continuous improvement of the action in the above item.

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